Our Approach

Our aim is to bring you the best local produce, freshly prepared and cooked to order. We want to give you the best food with out the pretension of the modern food scene.

Our Story

Founded in 2011 The Filling Station Cafe was the first and probably still the only biker friendly cafe in the Lake District. However we welcome all to our humble cafe in Keswick.

At the start of 2018 the menu went through a complete overhaul, improving some of the old favorites and bringing new dishes and flavors to our loyal customer base. The reaction to our new menu has been overwhelming positive.

Meet the Team

A diverse brunch from all the corners of Cumbria. They love food, drink and on most days The Filling Station.


Pancake mixer, Burger builder, general food maker

Harley is our man in charge when it comes to most things in the cafe, you will find him in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Harley has many years of experience in the hospitality industry and has come to The Filling Station Cafe to bring fresh and vibrant cooking to our customers.

Favorite food: BBQ Burger (if you order it, he will not stop talking about it)


Coffee Maker